what do you get when you take a little girl from korea, adopt her at 5 months, and raise her in a white family?
me. here are my profound thoughts. enjoy them.

Monday, March 30, 2009


I don't think I'll be posting on this blog anymore...not that I have been very good about it the past couple of years.

I will however be keeping my photography blog up to date so feel free to head over there and bookmark it instead.

Photo Blog!

Monday, November 03, 2008


Monday, July 28, 2008

pics...and more pics...and even more!

In an effort to be more time efficient, I'm going to stop uploading pictures to both of my blogs and just encourage you to go to my photography one yourself:

The photo blog

Also, keep checking my website...I'm constantly adding new pics!


another new venture..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

is this thing on??!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

aggie season over..

..but it shouldn't be.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter week

In case you weren't aware, Easter is this Sunday. To help prepare, the church I attend - Austin Stone - put together an email-a-day subscription for the week. The purpose is to go thru the last days of Jesus' life and provides themes, reflections, and questions for each day. Anyone interested was/is encouraged to subscribe. Each day there is a provided image to help convey the theme for the day. A handful of artists were chosen to provide these and someone referred me. Honestly, I was a little nervous about the challenge as there was a short period of time to do it and I really wanted to come up with something that would serve the purpose intended. But moreso, I was really excited about the opportunity and eager to see what the Lord would teach me through it. I was given a set of scriptures to study as well as the theme for the day. Beyond that it was basically, "run with it." I tossed some ideas around but none seemed to really do it for me...I knew I didn't have it yet. But as I kept reading and researching, I suddenly knew exactly the direction I wanted to go in.

And I don't say all this to give you the details of the email. I'll include a link with Monday's devotional if you're interested in checking it out. I think this whole project was a lesson in itself for me. A lot of times I get motivated to read my Bible more but ultimately it ends up sitting on my dresser unopened. Or, I actually make it so far as to open it and start reading but I become bored or am waiting to find a great way to apply it and don't. I guess sometimes I have this very skewed idea that I'm going to read a verse, have some supernaturally profound thought, hear God talking to me, and feel like a real bible scholar. Yeah, real skewed I know. Bottom line, this doesn't happen to me. But when I got this assignment I really wanted to do it right. I didn't want to submit something that was "just ok." So I put forth a little more effort, really prayed for God to reveal what He wanted me to learn, to show me how to respond. And after I dug around a little, He did. And I can't really explain the satisfaction in that. And no...still not a bible scholar...but I can say that I really feel like I learned what He wanted me to learn and yeah, it took some time and maybe even some trial and error, but in the end - definitely worth it.

Here's monday's email and tuesday's also if you want to follow for the week...
Monday - Cleansing of the Temple
Tuesday - The Widow's Offering

Monday, March 17, 2008

good guys, bad guys

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


i love me some good tv. whether it's a well written drama or trashy reality junk, i'm probably watching it. one of my favorites however is rob and big. you can't watch this 30 minute treasure and not laugh out loud multiple times. in fact it's not uncommon for me to laugh until tears come. with that said, watch this and hopefully be entertained. i think some of the humor stems from the fact that you know that at some point in your life you've done this...you know you have that favorite song by the not cool artist that you know all the words to and do dance moves to. no? just me? dangit...

Monday, March 03, 2008

because i have nothing better to write about..

so before i started delivering cookies i had been on the ut campus maybe twice. now, unfortunately i frequent it on a normal basis, sometimes 3 and 4 times in a day (uggh.). but we already know how i feel about ut students -cheap, lazy, good for nothing...oh sorry...back to what i was saying. you would think that ut, being in the smack dab center of austin which is known for its diversity and eclectic nature, would not have 70% of the girls walking around in the exact same outfit. so, if you are a girl, want to attend ut, and look exactly like all the other girls, you only need 2, sometimes 3 things:
the staple item: the nike running shorts style TM 3IN. this particular short comes in a variety of colors so you could buy 7 pairs and wear them each day of the week and trick yourself into thinking you were wearing something "different" each day. sadly, i think this may be the case for many girls. nike makes a lot of different running shorts and ive seen some girls try and get away with wearing a slightly different style which is maybe them trying to make a statement...but really, the other girls are looking at you and thinking..."nope, she doesn't have the right ones on.."the shorts are paired with a tshirt of your choice. a popular selection is one containing greek lettering of some kind showcasing your membership to kappa, chi-o, delta etc. kinda like the one i have provided as an example however this one looks like it might have been from the 80s and im not sure why exactly there is tissue paper coming out of the top. and even better than just a sorority shirt is a date party or formal shirt b/c that proves that you're popular with boys as well as your "sisters." another acceptable choice would be one of those obnoxious tshirts from tylers...ya know, the ones that say "TYLER'S" in ginormous letters on the back? this also proves that you go to ut bc you buy your clothes from the drag...maybe bc youre lazy and you can walk there from the dorm...just a guess.
finally, the third garment piece is the black leggings. i did not provide an image as these are optional based on the weather. when the temp drops a bit it is essential to put these on and then go about the normal attire by putting the nike shorts over the leggings. put on the properly coordinated t shirt and you're ready.

so theres your lesson for the day. how to dress like a female ut student. and honestly, im not exaggerating when i say 70%. when a nice day comes around, there is just a sea of nike shorts and t shirts on the campus. and at first maybe i thought it was just me noticing it until the topic came up at work for some reason and new ppl would join the conversation and without having to prompt or anything someone would be like, "oh the nike shorts? yeah, with the stripes down the side? oh and with the leggings underneath?" come to find out, one guy actually dressed up as a ut girl for halloween. what did he wear? the shorts...the leggings...the tshirt.

and maybe its just me but i always think its a bit awkward when you're wearing something and walk by someone or sit down next to someone and you happen to have on the same shirt or skirt or whatever. and this has to happen on a frequent basis...what humors me is when i see a group of girls walking together and they all have it on. its like they were getting ready and said, no im going to wear the black shorts, so you wear the pink ones...tell kimmie to wear blue...and dont forget your flip flops and coach purse. no, i cant think of a time when i actually saw a girl running in this attire..that would be silly.

i could probably go on but i think ive made my point...