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Monday, November 14, 2005

bring it on

first off id like to respond to a comment i got awhile back from an 'anonymous' reader. it went a little like this:
Anonymous said...
Are the sixers gd? NONONONO... Iverson to me is gd,
but he is jus a ballhog. Look at the sixers, struggling. The lakers? 3-1. I noe
its jus the beginning of the season, but at least they r performing better. N
why do u think the lakers are arrogant? I think all GREAT teams will make ppl
think they r arrogant. Is Iverson any humble? Kobe is one of the greatest
players on the court now n tts a fact u cant deny. Btw, im a lakers(most
importantly, kobe) fan.

in response i would like to discuss the sixers/lakers game on Nov. 11, 2005. 85-81. Sixers Win.
kobe - 17 pts AI - 34 pts. i could go into the stats further and talk about how the sixers just won their fourth game in a row but more importantly i just wanted to back my team up against the criticism i received. i was almost offended bc i love my sixers so much...

and on a completely different note..yesterday my family had a little get together for my moms bday. and on a side note, i was talking to my friend casey last nite and it occurred to me that i dont know the exact ages of ANYONE in my family...not my mom, dad, sister, brother, or brother in law. i could not tell you how old they are if my life depended on it. i could give you rough estimates but thats about it. if its any consolation, i do know all of their bdays? ok maybe its not a consolation..i suck as a family member. so back to my original story - we're eating lunch and my dad is a big movie buff - loves them and since he is now retired i think thats what he does a majority of the day. so we always talk about movies we've recently seen and recommend ones to each other. so our conversation goes a little like this:

dad: yesterday i watched 'bring it on'
me: what??
dad: yeah...i like
teenage chick flicks?
me: dad..are you kidding me?
dad: no
me: so you
liked it?
dad: yeah..i mean, some of those routines were amazing...
me: *blank stare*
he also had watched 13 going on 30 and enjoyed it except for thinking it was just 'big' with a girl. and just for the record, my dad also watches his fair share of action, suspense, horror, comedy, and drama movies so dont think that he just sits around and watches all teeny bopper high school movies. so yeah..that was a bit entertaining to me..


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