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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat

thats probably the most confusing christmas song to sing as a kid. it continues on with putting pennies in hats and if you dont have pennies then ha'pennies will do which i think translates into 'half pennies.' but like those exist... yet we sing these songs bc thats just what you do at christmas time.

speaking of...the first tease of winter came last nite and i walked out of my place this morning and was met by a chilly 40 somethin degrees and i loved it! and with that i brought out the christmas cds. had winter come at the normal time a few weeks ago i would have brought them out then. but theres just something about singing 'let it snow' when its 90 degrees outside that just doesn't fit.

and so with that i would like to share with you what i think to be the 3 best christmas cds of all time. although i think if kelly clarkson put out a christmas cd that it would be really good too and then i would have a top 4. hey kelly, can you get on that? thanks. so here goes...in no particular order:

charlie brown christmas - its just real great.

mariah carey christmas - i know every girl my age out there loves singing along to 'all i want for christmas is you'

amy grant christmas - the last song is an amazing completely instrumental medley that i could put on repeat and listen to for hours.

so there you have it. i love christmas time..the coldness and the lights and decorations...good times.


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