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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

it is the hottest coolest time in texas...

so every tuesday is staff lunch here at the medical institute. some days its entertaining, other times so boring that i find myself nodding off as someone is talking. what brought on tuesday staff lunch is that the company had a big 'strategic planning' meeting a few months ago where basically a guy came in and assessed the company and all the employees and was supposed to figure out how to make us more productive and effective as a company. the greatest part of it was when he went over some survey results that everyone in the company had completed which showed that something like 80% of the group thought that the company as a whole was dysfunctional and had poor communication etc. the results were kinda shocking and slightly amusing to myself. i thought i was the only one that thought everyone sucked at communicating.

needless to say these staff lunches are supposed to be a bonding mechanism where we all become friends and learn how to have conversations with each other. sometimes i think its a complete failure as awkward conversation prevails and everyone is counting down the minutes until we can stop talking to each other. other times, like today, its kinda amusing. we have a christmas party coming up..ill try to contain my excitement about that one...and then people started talking about other get togethers we could plan next year. suddenly everyone had an opinion and all sorts of ideas were being thrown out...potluck dinners..cookouts..picnics in the park...a trip to schlitterbahn... ok, lets just stop for a second and ponder that last one. a trip to schlitterbahn? really?? my boss shawna, who is close in age to me, and i about died when someone threw that one out. let me tell you the dynamic of my company. there are a few people in their 30s..a few...the rest...probably 50s-60s. imagining my coworkers in bathing suits galavanting around schlitterbahn is just frightening. honestly, i think some of them would have heart attacks on some of the rides. hopefully you can see where the humor is in this...just imagine the company you work for on a field trip to schlitterbahn...i think a small percentage of people would find that normal.


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