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Monday, November 21, 2005

a post devoted entirely to...


yes thats right. i like to promote craigslist when i can but i decided that since its been so good to me that i would devote an entire post to it. now for those of you who still dont know what it is then the easiest thing to do is to click on "CRAIGSLIST!" above and check it out for yourself. basically its an online bulletin board divided by city where you can post for basically anything!

craigslist has never done me wrong although when i tried to sell my computer i did get a few hopeful scam artists trying to get me to send my computer to a foreign country and wire tons of money to a random person. however that was not at the fault of craigslist and they make sure to warn you about all that stuff.

so how has craigslist helped me you ask? let me count the ways...

thru craigslist i have sold:
clothes, concert tkts, a digital camera, a discman, a computer monitor, and other random things

thru craigslist i have bought:
my laptop (2months old $750), my bed (brand new queen $199), an slr camera (barely used $125), and an LCD monitor (nothing wrong with it $125).

thru craigslist i hired:
movers to move me out of my last place

and here's the best one..
thru craigslist i found:
my ROOMMATE. this is frightening to some people however it ended up being the most successful thing ever. i just moved out bc i had another opportunity come up however i would have stayed otherwise. she was completely normal and nice...didnt try to kill me in my sleep or steal all my money...and i got to stay on a month to month basis and pay super cheap rent! what more could you ask for?

100% of the people i have sold stuff to or bought stuff from have been completely normal. its kinda like an ebay but everyone lives in your city so instead of shipping stuff you just meet the buyer or seller and make the sale in person. its almost more reliable bc you have their contact info. and you have the ability to check out stuff before you buy it. you really cant lose in my mind.

so be skeptical if you want but i dont think you can knock it till you try it. its been good to me and would probably be good to you too.

and i think the thing ive learned the most is that age old saying of "one mans trash is another mans treasure" is SO true. theres some stuff ive posted thinking no one will ever buy this but no, someone sure will. everything ive posted has sold within in a week or less. so if you just want to make some extra money for the stuff in your house that you never use, its worth a shot.

so thats my ode to craigslist. i think its the greatest thing ever and now you might have a better understanding of why.


Blogger JULIE said...

I owe both of my nyc jobs to craigslist, can't beat that!

12:55 PM  

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