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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

the 'perks' of my job

another conversation at the sex institute gone bad...

i talked to this guy on the phone..he placed his order yada yada and then this is what followed:

dirty man - "so who's that redhead on your website?"

me - "huh?"

dirty man - "ya know, that staggeringly beautiful redhead on your products page whos smile could take down a jetliner?"

me - "sir, i dunno...she's not affiliate with the medical institute...we probably just bought the picture somewhere to use on the site.."

dirty man - "well i tell you what...if you were to get an std, that would be the way to go"

me - *disgusted face accompanied by silence*

dirty man - "bad joke...bad joke..."

just another day in the life of a "lil asian sexpert" as rie likes to call me :)


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