what do you get when you take a little girl from korea, adopt her at 5 months, and raise her in a white family?
me. here are my profound thoughts. enjoy them.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

pics from the weekend!

happy birthday, rie! you feelin that long island?

hey rie, where's your shirt? of thats right..you forgot it...

geez ck...stop strangling jax. hey jax...kindly remove your hand from my back pocket..
asian lovesack anyone? thats a nickname i dont so much miss...
eileen finally came back from chi-town for a visit!
mike loves buckwild - cant you tell?
more fun times with buckwild...
mathematics...school...really straight hair...squinting. should i be offended? nah...it was way too funny to be offensive...
everyone else enjoyed the list as well..
despite all the racial attacks and stereotypes, we were all still friends in the end...and why are there so many boys on one couch??
rie...such a pimp

i finally got to see ruth!!


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