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Thursday, December 08, 2005

roommate bonding at its finest

so i just got a new roommate a few weeks ago. we're getting along great and i think its safe to say that we're already good friends which is so fun. we've already had some bonding moments...i got her hooked on felicity so we got to watch some of those together...we've gone kayaking on town lake...last weekend we did karaoke together...all great times. but i think our experience last nite beat all.

as you all know, the weather was crazy, the roads were icy and wrecks were everywhere etc. she called me around 730 saying she was on her way home from the arboretum which is only about 10 minutes away. about 830 she called to say that they closed off mopac so everyone was on 183 and no one was moving. about 930 she calls to say that she was just now exiting but people were hitting patches of ice and so no one was wanting to move again. about 10 she calls to say that she cant cross the bridge to get to our neighborhood and that she was going to have to walk over the over bridge and could i come pick her up on the other side. sure, i say, no problem.

let me first say that i have just gotten out of the shower so i have wet hair and yeah, ive been sick for the past few days. however im not going to make my poor roommate walk all the way home in 20 degree weather! i go down to my car to find it to be a big icicle that will take a real long time to defrost. i call kristi to tell her to not leave yet bc i cant go anywhere but its too late - shes already running my way. i tell her that i cant go anywhere and so she just tells me to do whatever i can. so i think...hmm...i can bring her a coat! so yeah, i go get a coat and a blanket and start running thru my complex out to the street to meet her. as im running i hit a few patches of ice and almost eat it real hard so i decide that maybe walking is a better idea bc its not like we'll be able to drive to the er if i break a leg. so i continue to walk to her and shes running towards me. finally we meet and i give her a coat and gloves and a blanket. her hair had turned into one big icicle as had mine since remember, i had just gotten out of the shower and my hair was already wet. so then we head back home and finally reach our warm, warm apt.

so then she tells me about her running adventure. first off, when she parked, she had to go up a grassy hill to get to the road but it was all icy so she had to crawl up it on her hands and knees!! then when she was walking across the bridge, the whole thing was iced over so she was sliding all over the place. then as she was running home all sorts of cars would pass but none would stop...i felt so bad for her!! but anyways, she got home safely eventually and im just glad i could help even if it was a miniscule amount compared to what she had to go thru. we got back around 1045. yeah...over 3 hours which normally would have taken about 10. what an adventure.


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