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Monday, December 12, 2005

what do paris hilton and i have in common?

this weekend i did something that goes against everything i believe and stand for. something that almost pains me to write about. i bought my dog a sweater. dont judge me. and dont put me in a category with people who get professional pictures of their pets taken or leave the tv on for their pets when they leave the house. im better than that i promise...
it was for all practical purposes. my parents take care of my dogs and as a maintenance reduction effort they cut their fur down real short. my dogs are shih tzus which are normally real long haired dogs...theyre kinda a cross between an ewok and a mop. so i was petsitting over the weekend while my parents are off in disneyworld. yeah, thats a whole different story. but anyways, a combination of a lack of fur and the colder weather left my pup, mollie, shaking all the time. so my options were to either wrap her in a blanket and hold her for 30 minutes after every time she went outside, or buy her a doggie sweater. option two makes life easier on my part so thats what i did.

so i go to petco and was just astounded at my options. it was just amazing how many looks you could go for...preppy, sporty, outdoorsy...yeah, you name it - they have it. doggie fashion is just a whole new world.

mollie didnt love the sweater as much as i did putting it on her. in fact, she remained frozen for about 5 minutes after i put it on bc she evidently thought it had paralyzed her from ever walking again. after realizing that i wasnt taking it off again, she decided to give walking a try. she looked real awkward at first but finally got a little more used to it. the best part was when she was rolling around on the floor trying to get it off and then she got her front paw caught in it and was hobbling around on 3 legs. thats probably about the time when youre supposed to be nice and help them out of it. not me. i watched...and laughed...and continued to watch until she got her paw free. im terrible, i know.

all to say...the sweater was a success and kept her quite cozy and shiver free. so for all practical purposes i guess sweaters are fine. but dont expect to see me going back for the matching snow boots.


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