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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


i went to dallas for the weekend. good times all around. pictures to come...i steal wireless from my neighbor and i think he/she is gone for christmas so ill just have to find someone else to steal it from before i can upload them. the weekend was great though - i got to hang out with so many friends...ck, jax, eileen, meg, ruth, patin, rie, cam, parker, mike...thanks for coming together for 'reunion weekend.' i deem it quite a success!

here are some highlights from the weekend:

dinner at pappasitos for rie's bday. rie downing one and a half strong long islands in a few minutes resulting in tipsy rie. rie not wearing a shirt to dinner...ok fine, he did have on a sweatshirt. rie eagerly telling our waitress that he didnt have a shirt on. rie telling us about some guy named sean 'rolling his dough.' sure, maybe he was a pro masseuse, but did he really need to use oil and whisper in your ear??

watching 40 yr old virgin in mixed company...or maybe that was just awkward. but at least i got to see meg before she heads off to argentina!!

shopping with ck and getting some amazing steals!

going to see family stone - a great movie, i rec it. oh, and i could marry luke wilson.

eileen came back from chi-town!!

playing buckwild. ALWAYS good times. sure, a lot of jokes were made at my expense and the whole asian culture in general, but i can take it. and they were funny so i had to laugh too.

lunch with ruth at corner bakery.

wasting hours away watching the terribly addicting mtv dating show, next, with ck, cam, and jax. really girls, why did we watch so many episodes of that?

well im sure there were more memorable moments, but those stuck out in my mind the most. definitely worth the trip - thanks guys!!


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