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Friday, January 27, 2006

another happy hour success

last nite heather and i hit up lucy's boatyard for some happy hour fun although ill just go ahead and say that the service at lucy's is real poor. the bartenders were running around like chickens with their heads cut off and still no one felt like they were being served. i did manage to get my margarita poured on me by one bartender but lucky for them i accepted the sincere apologies and acted like it was no big deal. for one ive dealt with mean customers and know how it feels and really, a little margarita on the pants doesnt do any harm and you have some for later right? kidding...i didnt lick my pants when i got home. so anyways, the real reason for going to lucy's was bc on thursday nites they have 'fireside' concerts and last nite was ruthie foster whom i love. her show was great although we did have some trouble actually being let in to see it but you not so smart security guards didnt realize we could go up on the deck and come down the stairs to the room did ya? ha! so yeah..ruthie sang her heart out and jojo and i enjoyed such exclamations as, "you can just f***ing feel it!!!" by a guy sitting next to us. he evidently really enjoyed it.

so that was great. ill throw in a plug for my new camera. i dont know if you remember my story about tripping up the stairs at thanksgiving and breaking my digital camera. yeah...so anyways, i had to get a replacement and after hours of extensive cross-comparison research i settled on the Fuji FinePix F10. In the past, fuji hasnt been known to have a great camera but this one is making a breakthrough. i'm more than pleased with it. it starts up in about a second, has very short shutter lag, takes exceptional video, and has impressive low light capabilities. if youre in the market for a good digital camera i highly recommend it. ok thats my plug for the day...


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