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Monday, January 16, 2006

bachelor update

alright well im updating this as im watching bc its just easier that way. this will hopefully help me to be better with names. just now kristen, i think, was on the single date with hot doctor travis. and he just rejected her! yikes. last week i thought she was pretty cute but then she was a little weird this week so im ok with her leaving.

he went on a group date with half of them and gave a rose to jehan.. shes alright..i guess she can stay for now. the teacher from nashville kinda annoys me...she seems old but shes only 26. meanwhile the girls back at the house were talking about turn ons. i wont go into those though ;)

now travis is on group date number two. moana just said that shes not into guys dating other girls while hes dating her. ok normally this would be a valid statement but do you know what the bachelor is!? sarah, the canadian, still cracks me up...i want her to say 'wicked' again....right now shes babbling incoherently and saying 'wow' a lot...she seems kinda high most of the time. tara the redhead is still pretty cute. so is susan. shiloh is boring. he just gave a rose to tara. i support that.

ok rose ceremony time. the roses go to....moana :( sarah from tn :( jennifer..i dont even know who she is.. canadian sarah - saw that coming a mile away.. shiloh...still boring... susan :)

im sad cole didnt make it although she kinda just lost it so hmm. yvonne was super annoying so im glad shes done. and i dont even know that other girl was so i guess she wasnt too important...

there ya have it. not quite as dramatic as last week...no one wanting babies but i guess thats probably a good thing.


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