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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

goodbye '05...helloooo '06!

well i would tell you my new years resolutions but i dont make those. i think they're dumb. so theres that...glad we got that outta the way. i do however want to read more and eat less. those arent so much resolutions though...more like life long struggles i have yet to conquer.

last nite i couldnt sleep at all and when i cant sleep i do a lot of thinking. i guess i hope that if i think hard enough it will make me tired and then ill be able to sleep. and at nite all my thoughts seem so much more deep and profound. today i cant remember any of them so evidently they werent that great after all.

some recent events...
my good friend petie who currently resides in nyc came back to texas for a little visit and made a stop in austin. it was great - i miss her and her stay was definitely not long enough. we talked about how i think i have social anxiety disorder or rather she tried to convince me that i dont. but we'll touch on that some other time

new years came and went with an anticlimactic feeling as always. i mean, dont you wish you would feel different or something magical would happen when the clock strikes 12? like your hair would turn a different color or a finger would fall off...obviously id opt for the former. but no, you all count down..3...2..1..haaaapppy new year! you toast some champagne, make out if youre lucky, and then its like ok...what now? but anyways...welcome 2006. youre going to be a good one, i can feel it.

one funny thing on new years eve though...i was playing catch phrase with a group of people. unfortunately it was mostly people i didnt really know so i couldnt make fun of them when their guesses were stupid or when they did terrible jobs of describing words. cmon..you know thats half the fun when youre with your friends. but anyways...ive talked about this before, but any game that requires shouting out of words with little thinking and preparation are really the best. for instance, the word was cheesecloth. the describee broke it down into two parts - cloth and cheese and had people guess both of those and then put them together. well all i know is that at some point in the round i heard "DENIM CHEESE" and "CHEESE PANTS" yelled out as guesses. ok...there is no such thing as denim cheese or cheese pants folks. im not saying i dont yell out stupid stuff...i dont doubt i did. but those were definitely the highlights of that round. one time i got the word 'seven.' so i said, "after six.." except half the group thought i said "after sex." needless to say i got blank stares..meanwhile i was thinking, do these morons not know what comes after six?? good times.

well, thats enough for now...

if i remember my deep thoughts from last nite ill make sure and share them with you...


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