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Thursday, January 05, 2006

it's a national holiday in austin, tx today

i wont put up pics of vince young and or other ut players and pretend like im a longhorns fan, bc im not. i am after all, an ag. but i am a fan of matthew mcconaughey so thatll work.

honestly, i didnt really care who won the game...i was a little partial to texas just bc you go for the texas team and being in austin..if i were to say i were going for usc i would probably be beaten or given lots of dirty stares. so i am glad that texas won..if anything for the sake of this town bc if they hadnt it sure would be a somber place. however, im proud to say its quite the opposite. in fact, its kinda chaotic and ridiculous. just in my office alone which i would normally not really associate with sports however its the only thing people can talk about today and are still talking about. stories were shared about people going out to academy and other places last nite and this morning and waiting in lines of 500-1000 people just for a nat champs tshirt. just crazy. i guess if a&m had just won then i would totally understand and would be one of those people in those lines however bc a&m isnt quite nat champ status yet, i dont have to worry about that.

so for now ill enjoy the festivities...ill go snack on all the orange food people have brought in for celebration and pretend like im just as excited as they are...


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