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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

a quote and a critique

here's a quote i just read off of slate.com..i liked it.
"a photograph is not created by a photographer. what he does is just to open a little window and capture it. the world writes itself on the film. and the act of the photographer is closer to reading than it is to writing. he is the reader of the world." ferdinando scianna

in other news, last nite i watched the premiere of
the bachelor in paris.
here is the bachelor, travis stork. not the best last name but he's a doctor...oh and he's hot so that will make up for the fact that his name sucks. i havent always been a huge bachelor fanatic. the last real season i watched was with trista and ryan bc i thought she was real cute and well, he was a hot fireman from vail - who wouldn't love that? and their relationship actually seemed to work which was a relief after all the other ones failing. the following seasons turned out to be failures as well i think all though i wasn't really watching them. i did catch the finale of the last bachelorette with jen however. yeah, it was like a bazillion hours long and then she didnt even pick either guy - that was 3 hours of my life i really really wanted back. i hadnt watched any other episode before that though so i couldnt really make a judgement as to whether or not she should have really picked one but i guess its better to not, than to and be unhappy right? but anyways, i think the whole idea of the show is kinda ridiculous, especially this one. you go to the most romantic city in the world, paris france and take these girls on extravagant dates that you obviously couldnt do in good ole nashville, TN (where he is from). obviously, a girl is going to fall in love with you...but what do you do when you dont have the eiffel tower in your midst? its just impractictal - yet still entertaining to watch so ill probably keep up with this season.

the show made me laugh and cringe a lot. girls are sooo catty and just terrible. the second that rose ceremony started and the roses started dwindling down, girls were already pouting and scowling. cmon!! youve talked to the guy for like 15 minutes - so he doesnt pick you...can you really take it THAT personally?? i had to get a pic of this girl here to the left. i think her name is allie, but ill call her 'CRAZY BABY WOMAN.' crazy baby woman sits down with travis for her 15 minutes or so to shine and says something along the lines of wanting to get the "REPRODUCTIVE" stage of her life going. no lie...she did use the word reproductive. i about died for her and all the other women in the world watching. evidently she had shared with some of the other girl contestants that her "eggs were old" and her clock was ticking. i give props to travis who held his composure very well despite just hearing that a woman wanted to immediately reproduce with him. she even confronted him later after he didnt pick her(SURPRISE, SURPRISE) and told him he was playing games and a bunch of other crap. crazy baby woman. i hope she was watching the show and was mortified by her statements. i was.

so that was definitely the "high" point of the show. my favorites thus far are: the canadian girl that he gave the first rose to despite her saying things like "wicked," the red headed girl..dont know her name but she seemed cute, the bubbly girl he picked last with real curly blonde hair - she just seems real nice and was still smiling when the last rose was being handed out while most of the other girls were already hopeless and pissed, and susan - the real cute brunette.

so there you have it. ill give you my updates from the show each week. i imagine it will get pretty intense and ridiculous and ill probably want to disconnect myself from the female gender after some of the shows....nevertheless, i will watch it every week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

please keep us posted. i'm sure i won't be able to watch every week, but i am interested (i saw the show mon. too). yes, the canadian is my fave too, and you had to put two and two together when they showed shots of him mountain biking when they were intorducing him, and wearing chacos on his journey over. then, when she said her favorite thing to do was to get outside of the city and go camping? i mean like, hello? couldn't anyone call that from like, a million miles away? of course whe was going to get the first rose. not to mention she was real cute. oh wait, was i paying too much attention? sorry... i am a detailed oriented dork.

love ya- harmony

9:35 PM  
Blogger kate said...

im right there with ya harm - totally saw it coming with the common outdoorsy interest. i noticed the chacos too - dont worry i checking him out in detail too!!! i bet she makes it far bc shes pretty cute and spunky...she seems kinda ghetto though, did you pick up on that with some of the stuff she says??

1:34 PM  

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