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Friday, January 20, 2006

the week and weekend

well...ive slacked a little on the blogging lately and i do apologize. and i cant say that not a lot has gone on because that would be a lie. in fact, quite a lot has happened. i just dont know how much of it i can share... ;)

tuesday nite heather and i hit up happy hour at baby a's. a couple hours later we met 4 nice boys who wanted to buy us some drinks and we kindly obliged. 8 hours later we were still hanging out with them...at one point we changed up locations and went to sherlock's. as to what happened at the end of the nite..i might have to plead the fifth....but i did drive myself home and i was alone thank you. however going to bed at 2am on a "school nite" was rough...

thursday nite i went to dinner with an old friend from high school. some would say it was a date...whatever...he did pay so maybe it was but date is a four letter word to me so lets not throw that around. it was fine...thats all i have to say about that.

im looking forward to the weekend. thats kinda a dumb sentence - who doesn't look forward to the weekend? but yeah...tomorrow im going to some queso tour kickoff at a mexican restaurant with some friends. i dont know what queso tour kickoff really even means but i figure it involves cheese and i like cheese so im excited. then we're going downtown to hear the matt white band. check em out if youre unfamiliar.

sunday is the beginning of a huge photography conference going on for 3 days called imaging usa or something. although i dont have a ticket to go to all of the seminars and classes that are being held bc that would have required me to shell out a few hundred bucks, i do have a ticket to check out all the exhibition stuff so hopefully i will be able to get some free stuff and talk to some pros about my new found interest of wedding photography. and on that note have i mentioned that i already have my first customer? my dear friend heather is going to have me do her wedding. luckily its not till november so i have time to get 'good'....heather i promise to not screw up....but anyways, pretty exciting.

so thats my life to some degree....have a good weekend everyone! dont do anything i wouldnt do...


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