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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

weekly bachelor update

here it is...the bachelor update. this show is just getting more and more ridiculous - as expected when you have more than one girl (try 6) girls fighting over one hot bachelor doctor. heather and i were able to find an imperfection *gasp* with mr travis stork - his legs seemed a little storkish themselves. i know some of you girls, or guys, out there must have noticed the skinny bird legs too. granted, im sure theyre very strong since they kept showing him on a bike to promote his outdoorsy appeal, but they're still kinda skinny. however the rest of him is plenty nice to look at to make up for the bird legs.

so last nite the biggest drama was probably all of the girls hating moana and her hearing all of it. thats gotta be kinda rough when everyone hates you. and honestly i dont even think shes that bad. its definitely a game and the girls are seeing her as competition and thus hate her. jehan got sent home - maybe bc she was previously married and travis didnt seem to be thrilled with that secret. tara went home too and, although i still think shes a cute girl, she was getting a little annoying and she was like the college drunk so maybe she just needs to go back to college and get that outta her system before she goes after a 33 yr old.

im super annoyed that sarah the big bore is still there. why?? shes so boring and not fun. and whats with her hair...its always so big and i think she starts her part about an inch from her ear. the other girls still in it are canadian sarah, pretty susan, and 'everyone hates me' moana. to be quite honest im not sure if im a huge fan of any of them...maybe bc i secretly want travis to come find me and marry me. but ill stick to my original picks for now - canada and susan.

next week he goes to visit the possible future in-laws...it doesnt look pretty...


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Kate! I'm over here now! You're too cute. Fun to find your blog. Keep in touch!

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