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Friday, January 06, 2006

work productivity

"well i generally come in at least fifteen minutes late..i use the side door - that way lumbergh can't see me...after that i sorta space out for an hour..."
"space out?"
"yeah, i just stare at my desk, but it looks like i'm working. i do that for probably another hour after lunch too...id say in a given week i probably only do about fifteen minutes of real, actual, work."

if you arent familiar with the movie office space then that quote wont mean as much to you. its pretty much the story of my life. i ran across an article today, "are you a slacker?" you should check it out and see how your level of productivity measures up. im pretty sure i qualified as a slacker in all 5 of the examples given. come to find out, i left a candle burning all nite long in my office last nite. luckily it was one of those big yankee candles with the big glass jar so theres a really low chance that the flame can get outta control. nevertheless it made me feel kinda guilty that i dont do a whole lot when im actually here and then when im not here im unintentionally trying to burn the whole place down...

on a side but kinda related note...one of the only things that keeps me going thru the day (besides taking extremely long lunches, random breaks, and surfing the internet for hours at a time) is that i can at least listen to music in my office. i just hook up my trusty ipod and shuffle thru my songs all day. ive been listening to some new stuff lately that i recommend if youre open to a non mainstream sound. im not trying to be a music snob either - i listen to my fair share of top 40 junk too - i love it all but sometimes the cheesy lyrics and 15 year old singers whos gender you cant clearly distinguish gets old. so anyways, check out clap your hands say yeah, the fiery furnaces, fiona apple, and kings of convenience.


Blogger BrainSyke said...

ever since I've had the option to pic my hours...i come in at 10:00 and walk out past 6:00

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