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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

your weekly bachelor update

last nite was bachelor. the stakes are getting higher, some of the girls are getting a little more crazy, and some of them are really playing the game.

some of travis' doctor friends came in and interviewed each of the girls to determine who would go on the single and group dates.

susan was picked to go on the single date. i guess they liked her the most which was ok with me bc shes one of my favorites too. she also got the first make out session with trav - way to go, susan. oh and of course she got the rose at the end of the date to secure her stay for another round.

then the group date got to go to the french riviera on a real pimped out yacht. boat...water...travis without a shirt - all good things. the girls on the group date were jehan, moana, shiloh, redhead, and crazy tn sarah. i like jehan. moana is kinda annoying and wont even admit to really liking the guy but still goes after him to get a lot of one on one time - that pissed a lot of the girls off. mainly, sarah - the teacher from tn whom ive never really liked bc she seems boring. this week she almost lost it and barely got a rose at the end. shiloh has also been boring and got the boot...it probably didnt help that on her one on one time with travis all she did was talk badly about the other girls. not attractive shiloh. the redhead has always been cute to me and shes still cute...however i dont like how she keeps barging in on other girls one on one time. its just kinda immature and disrespectful. i guess shes playing the game though.

then there was a two on one date with canadian and jennifer. jennifer tried to throw out a heartfelt 'opposites attract and complement each other' speech but i guess it wasnt enough. or maybe it was the fact that she didnt like bugs and outdoorsy trav decided that that was not going to work. yeah..that was probably it. so jenny got the boot and canadian girl got to stay and they had a little makeout session as well.

so...in summary...its down to jehan, redhead, teacher sarah, canadian sarah, moana, and susan. shiloh and jennifer went home.
and my vote still remains susan..then canada.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Kate! Please stop liking that redhead chick (tara)... she is sooo annoying. also, susan doesn't have much of a personality when she is on dates with the guy. he just tells her how beautiful she is and then they make out. enough already. canada seems real and gritty, but maybe that's just cause she has a raspy voice when she is trying to be cute... anyway- as you can see, i watched last night (as my husband laughed all the way through (at me)). TN sarah seems like a true blue kinda gal though, let's give her a chance to not be boring before you count her out, and hope travis does too...

10:53 PM  

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