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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

bachelor recap

well i cant give the most thorough recap bc half of the show overlapped with 24 and there was NO way i was going to watch bachelor over 24! however, i was not aware that it was a 2hr event and was really confused when they were going to the rose ceremony after only showing 2 of the 4 family visits! then i realized that i had missed canadians and moanas bc of 24. so...i dont know how those went and thus cant give any opinions.

i did see sarah, the big dull dud, and her family visit. since travis is from nashville too it was a little different bc he invited her family over to his house - which was nice..i could live there :) oh, and he literally lives like a block from sarah and they had never seen each other. im thinking, if she doesnt end up with him then she is totally going to become a stalker since she knows where he lives. so their family time was pretty good and she got a rose at the end. *sigh*

susans fam visit was a little more tense and they were all a bit concerned about travis being a rebound relationship since susan was recently disengaged. she tried to assure him that she was 100% there for him and that he wasnt a rebound. i think hes still keeping that in mind though. she also got a rose.

moana got the third rose and canadian got sent home despite her boobs looking pretty huge in the dress she strategically picked out for the evening. i think the excuse was that she was too young which might be true...theyre what, like 10 or so years apart?

so its down to three...susan, moana, and the bore. and here are my thoughts. i dont think any of them should win. and yeah, this might partially be due to the fact that i think travis should marry me...but moreso the fact that i just dont see any of them as a great fit for him. and its not like i know him real well either but from what ive seen from the girls and him...i dont see any of these working out long term. im calling it now. he might pick one in the end, but i dont think its going to work.

i guess we'll just have to see...


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