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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

bachelor recap

well last nite was the 'women tell all' show where all the rejects come back and fight with each other more and then they bring out the bachelor and they all suddenly go back to being sweet and innocent. it was pretty ridiculous as expected and they ripped susan to pieces when she was in the hot seat. girls are so mean and although she did start crying a little, i think she held herself together quite nicely. honestly i think they're just all still a little bitter that they were rejected.

then travis made a little 'surprise' visit to the show...although is it really a surprise bc doesnt the bachelor/bachelorette always just 'happen' to make that surprise visit? anyways...he looked as hot as ever and continued to be very respectful of all the women. he even defended susan a bit and wouldnt say a mean thing about crazy baby woman who chose not to come back - shocker.

so next week is the two hour finale although its already been leaked as to who he chooses - boring teacher sarah. i still say that hes not going to propose (at least i hope not).

one day he'll find me....


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