what do you get when you take a little girl from korea, adopt her at 5 months, and raise her in a white family?
me. here are my profound thoughts. enjoy them.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

day trip to cs!

jeff, kristen, and avery barstad
proud mom
avery kathryn
we made a trip to campus for old times sake
patin got his diploma!!
a great day trip to cs! busy though - maybe next time i wont try to cram everything into one day.
it was great to see the new addition to the barstad family - shes so little and adorable and definitely worth the trip! so glad we all got to be a part of the first diaper changing - what an experience!! :)
patin, rie...it was fun to reminisce our college days and walk thru the msc. rie - thanks for asking random strangers questions about china. patin - im glad you finally got your diploma. i would call you out for taking so long to get it but i just got mine framed a week ago and i graduated a year before you...
joshy, box, rick...great to see yall....sorry you all hate living with each other ;)
alright well...my day of vacation has to come to an end...back to work tomorrow...ugh.


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