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Sunday, February 12, 2006

a music lovers paradise

this weekend was the folk alliance music conference. i didnt know what it was but
my friend heather told me about it bc she works with someone who is involved in the music industry and a part of this whole thing. well i had no idea what i was in for and had no idea it would be so great. it was held at the hilton downtown and showcased hundreds of artists and groups of all ages, shapes, and sizes. one thing was constant though - good music.

there were some bigger stages set up on the main ballroom floors and such but my favorite was the rest - they were in the hotel rooms themselves! it was awesome...you would just walk down the hall (not easily as it was very crowded) and the doors were open and different people were playing in the rooms. you could just stand in the doorway or jump on a bed and listen for the 30 minute set. and if you didnt like them you just leave and check out the next room. the intimate setting was so cool - the people would finish playing and then just come sit down next to you and talk. and they might not be super famous or anything but it was still cool, ya know? so yeah...i have all these new people i love now! and not just bc theyre personable but bc theyre really talented. it was all folk type...obviously as it was called the folk alliance conference...so a lot of it was people who could play guitars really well and sing beautifully. throw in some keyboards...some harmonicas....some drums and other various instruments and you got yourself a show. oh and did i mention it was all free? yeah, gotta love that. i would have just rotated rooms for days and listened to everyone if i had a chance.

so yeah that was basically my weekend...went with heather on friday and then easily talked jac into making the trip bc i knew it would be well worth it. so if youre wanting some new stuff to try out then here are some suggestions: melissa ferrick, jason spooner, the kennedys, the dreamsicles, rose cousins, rachael sage, rachel loy, rachel davis, michal johnston, edie carey, bora yoon, and michelle citrin.


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