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Thursday, February 16, 2006

nba heaven

so this weekend is nba all star weekend. and for me, someone who is slightly obsessed with the nba, its a really great thing. to have all your favorite nba athletes in one central location at one time - and for that location to be a mere two hours away from you?! yeah, all star weekend is in houston and how i so wish that i had tickets. too bad they cost like a bazillion bucks and were sold out a million years ago...oh well.

so yeah...all of the events are being aired on tnt...which is a cable channel. i dont have cable. so i guess ill be hitting up my local area sports bars to get my fix. if you plan on watching this weekend i would suggest not missing the slam dunk contest on saturday featuring my man little AI (andre iguodala) and of course the nba all star game on sunday nite. i cant wait...i just wish i could see them all in person...


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