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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

american idol

here are my thoughts and ratings on a scale from 1-10. i like the 50s theme but not too excited about barry manilow...overall a pretty good week in my opinion

mandisa - pretty strong performance..great vocal range - 9
bucky - not a huge fan to start with..thought the song was kinda weak - 6.5
paris - good singing...dont think i like her talking voice though - 8
chris - still managed to integrate his rocker style but wasnt his best performance...still a fan though...found out he has a wife and son though so the celebrity crush appeal has faded a bit - 7.5
kate mcfee - pretty good sassy song...did a pretty good job too - 8
taylor - aka old man river...but i love him. he has such a good time, you cant not love the old guy. and the dancing...oh the dancing...its so entertaining - 9
lisa - shes so cute and smiley - 8
chicken little - can he please go home?? i really cant take it much longer. who sings with their hand in their pocket...i was bored - 7
elliott - um....not really feeling it..was he just picking random notes to sing? - 7
country pickler - nice job ...i dont know if she purposely tries to look like a big ditz but she pulls it off pretty successfully- 8
ace young - yum. pretty good performance...still love him - 8.5

my prediction to go home? if it were up to me it would be bucky or chicken little. but its up to america and unfortunately chicken little has the vote of every 11-15 yr old girl in america so i fear he might be staying for a while. so i imagine it will come as a surprise...we'll just have to wait and see!


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