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Sunday, March 26, 2006

another great show

saturday nite jo and i had the pleasure of hearing stephen kellogg and the sixers and the pat mcgee band. oh and some 12 yr old boy opened but he didnt really do it for me. and no, he wasnt really 12...but he didnt look too much older. and i think his name is curtis something if youre dying to know. anyways...i was already a fan of stephen kellogg and was looking forward to hearing him live. and it was great. very, very entertaining show. the band had a lot of energy and they played a good variety of stuff. the best part was definitely near the end when stephen started a little ditty about his bass player with the punchline having to do with him 'dancin in his underpants.' next thing you know...bass player has stripped down to his boxers and is dancing. and he didnt mess around...he busted out ALL the moves. good times. finally they ended their set with a sweet little acapella rendition of their song, 'see you later, see you soon.'

then it was time for pat mcgee. jo has heard him many many times live but this was my first and hopefully not my last time. it was great. the show was very informal and he pretty much played whatever the crowd wanted which was fun. at one point the pianist, forgive me for not knowing his name, played 'walking in memphis.' oh man...it was fantastic. they played all my favorites - passion, rebecca, havent seen for a while...etc..etc. it was one of those shows that reminds you why live music is so dang good. so with that said...check out stephen kellogg and pat mcgee if you dont know who they are...and then go see them live. its just that easy.


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