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Sunday, March 26, 2006

the best weather you could ask for

and a great weekend to go along with it. if you know me, you know that if the weather is ever the slightest bit nice, then im going to be out in it. if i dont, i feel guilty. maybe its living in texas and knowing that once the summer months hit, ill never want to leave an air conditioned room. but honestly, if you didnt spend quality time outside this weekend then you're just crazy to me.

so, on saturday i did my own little tour of outside austin in order to spend as much time in the great weather without getting bored. theres tons of places to hike in austin and ive been itching to find some. so i did...and it was great! i was able to experiment with the new camera a bit which was lots of fun. lots to still learn though! i went and checked out mt. bonnell. yeah, never been there and heard it gives a great view of lake austin and on the other end you can see the downtown skyline. it was really pretty and i think i spent most of the time lusting over the huge lakefront mansions. and then after that i went to town lake bc well, i just like it and when im not running the loop, i love people watching and dog watching....and there are always tons of both especially - on the weekends!

then today, sunday, i hung out at the quarries for a while. its a great park with a little lake...or moreso an oversized pond....well whatever...i just love being near water so it works. its a big bummer that i have to go back to work tomorrow but thats the reality of the real world i guess.


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