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Thursday, March 16, 2006

the dance

for the first time since 1987, the ags are in the NCAA basketball tourney. and being an aggie, i am proud. they even almost beat tx in the semifinals of the big 12 tournament. overall the ags have played really well this year and deserve to be in the ncaa tourney. their first game is tonite against syracuse. the ags are the 12th seed, the orangemen are the 5th. however, the ags still have a good chance and im pulling for them.

and in normal ncaa tradition i have filled out my bracket and am in a lil tournament pick'em group with some fellow friends....winner gets...bragging rights. if its anything like last year there will be tons of big upsets and bracket filler outers all over the world will hang their heads in disbelief.

my pick to win it all? not duke...not villanova...i choose gonzaga. theyre a good team and honestly i just think its fun to say ;)

let the games begin!


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