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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

things ive learned

massachusettes has a state muffin...the corn muffin. who knew such things existed? state muffins that is, not corn muffins. some states even have state cookies and state desserts... strange...but awesome.

craig was in town. craig from craigslist that is. he was a speaker at some interactive SXSW thing and talked about founding craigslist in 1995 etc. (i saw this on the news last nite..was not able to go hear him in person). but anyways...most of CL is free to the everyday user like myself. i found out though that there is a charge for some companies to post jobs on the site. and with CL in about 200 cities, thats probably a decent amount of change. well, they(the news) said that craig wouldnt say how much CL makes but they estimated that it was somewhere around 20 MILLION dollars a year. now i dont know how much of that good ole craig gets but wow...thats a lot of money. and if you still dont know what craigslist is, *insert long sigh and disappointed look here* then for the love of all things check out the site and get out of the cave you must be living in.

thirdly, as you all know i have been fighting with my ipod lately. well...yesterday we really had it out. at first it didnt want to acknowledge that it was plugged into my laptop...then it decided to make everything on my computer freeze..a couple of times. then those annoying error messages kept showing up on the ipod screen. at this point i was past the point of frustration and was more in the direction of sheer anger towards my little device. so what did i do? i beat the crap out of it. yes, thats right...i gave the ipod a few swift hits. the result? IT NOW WORKS. amazing huh? and i thought that trick only worked on tvs... so, we'll see how long it lasts now...it probably is just temporarily working on a whim and really the hitting will cause inevitable long term damage. we will see.


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