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Thursday, March 09, 2006

the week and weekend

what went down and whats gonna happen...

24 was two hours...and worth every amazing minute...kim came back...edgar died...and all of CTU is stuck in a glass room together

i made the transistion from sick to kinda sick to kinda better to healthy

had two breakdowns at work on two different days which resulted in crying for no significant reason...yeah i dunno...

college basketball is in full swing and the ags are actually playing like they wanna take part too. their fate lies in tomorrows game against colorado. winner gets to go to the tournament..probably. go aggies

going to see david gray saturday...been waiting since last november when the show was originally scheduled. im sure it will be worth the wait. aqualung opens.

james blunt fans...tickets go on sale sat. for his may 7th show at the backyard

might possibly drop a LARGE amount of money on a new camera this weekend. after which i will be living off ramen noodles and water...

still keeping up with american idol. only watch the guys performances though. down to the top 12 now and my boy ace is still in it. dont know if im feeling all this falsetto stuff but i guess ill take it. also, i might like chris daughtry as much as ace. old man river (taylor hicks) has some strange appeal despite looking like he's 50 and having crazy dance moves. bucky will be gone soon. as will kevin who looks like he's 4, sounds like he's 12, and has a lisp. elliot is decent. yes, ive gotten sucked in....but i havent reached the level of commitment of actually voting yet.

my ipod is once again proving its unreliability. its fighting with my computer...frequently freezes...and if im lucky it shows me little error messages. gotta love $300 investments that let you down...

and tomorrow is friday...*big sigh of relief*


Blogger Tsh said...

I LOVE David Gray, and starting to equally love James Blunt. Thanks for the heads up!

10:01 AM  

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