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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

american idol schmidol

to start, a few matters of business to address. first off, if you visited my blog yesterday and noticed the 'breaking news' blurb posted 5 times in a row, i do apologize. i was having connection problems here at work and evidently my over zealousness of pushing the 'publish post' button over and over again caught up with me. i was not trying to over signify? the importance of jack bauer continuing his 24 trek, although it is pretty important.

second, it came to my attention that i did not give props to the person who brought it to everyone's attention that luke wilson and pete sampras were at gueros with us. so to the fabulous mike crain i give all the credit for spotting the celebs. next time you see mike, give him a pat on the back bc without him, we never would have had our celeb experience.

now onto american idol. if i came face to face with each idol after last nite, this is what i would tell them.
ace - you sucked it up again. dont try to be a rockstar. dont wear leather pants again. i think your time on idol has reached an end.
country pickle - i really think you're one of the dumbest human beings on the planet. please get smarter.
elliott - i really dont know how youve made it this far..i dont think youre that great.
buckaroo - same with you.
mcphee, paris, hot daught - yall were alright last nite.
old man river hicks - you are now my favorite and i hope you win. you are entertaining beyond words and a great singer as well.


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