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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

recap and stuff

first off, i realized i had a large influx of readers over the past few days and found out that my blog is linked to a wilson brothers fanpage. evidently im not the only one excited that i got to see him in austin! so thats fun. now if i can only spot owen some place too...

so that was obviously a highlight of the weekend and as for the rest...
hung out with old college friends - very fun
weather was fantastic - lots of time out in it
went to zilker botanical gardens - took lots of pics of pretty things
went downtown with yuna - ate a great dinner at jazz kitchen, lots of dancing at vicci with fun boys with accents
family time in gtown on sunday

random side note:
my favorite commercial for the time being is the sprint one advertising nites being free after 7pm...the guy cues leonard who sings '7pm' and then guy 1 gives leonard the thumbs up sign and says 'beautiful.' i laugh everytime.

tonite is idol and the final 8 are covering queen songs. ace is supposedly singing 'we will rock you' and pickler is singing 'bohemian rhapsody'....should be interesting.


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