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Monday, April 17, 2006

trip to cs and easter!

thank goodness for short weeks at work and long weekends. my weekend vacation started on thursday as i made my way to college station to go to youth impact, the inner city ministry i was involved in while in college. jax came in from dallas to join me in the fun. it was GREAT to see all the kids, yet chaotic enough for me to not really wanna go back and do it again. the kids are still super cute though and i do miss them tons. thurs nite we went with ben to a party at his friends house who lived out in the middle of nowhere. literally nowhere. hours later we arrived but i guess it was all worth it. it was an experience, to say the least. jax and i couldnt leave cs without going to gumbys. and although there is one here in austin, i like to just think that the pizza rolls are better in cs b/c of all the good memories i have associated with them. so...jax and jaclyn and i went on friday and they were pretty dang amazing. another amazing thing were these ginormous gumballs. jax gave one a good try and after finally cracking what was anything but a 'thin candy shell' she decided to toss it. there was enough gum in that thing to feed a family of 8...im sure of it.

then happy easter day! i went up to georgetown to hang out with the fam. i got my first attempt at child photography using my neice and nephew as guinea pigs. in all of the 80 or so pics i took of them, in not one of them are both of them smiling at the same time. one or the other but never both - gotta love that. nevertheless, good experience. we watched the kids have an easter egg hunt and fight over easter candy. then easter lunch with easter ham. yum. the best part of the lunch was probably when my dad looked over at me and exclaimed, 'katie, you got all fat!' im sure the look on my face was priceless. the rest of the fam didnt know what was going on either and waited for an explanation. my dad quickly realized that his words came out completely wrong and explained that he was referring to my plate. the ham i had on my plate had a lot of fat on the outer edge so i had trimmed it off and put it in a nice little heap on the side of my plate. so no, my dad didnt think i had suddenly become a big fat cow. i mean i might not be model thin but working out 3-4 times a week has got to count for something, right? so yeah, that was easter with the fam.

church last nite was awesome. we had a guest gospel choir from Christ community church there...needless to say it was pretty great. and let's not forget the real reason for the celebration of Easter. Christ is Risen. He is Risen, indeed.


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