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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

bloggers block

sometimes i just dont have much to say. if you know me well then you might be wanting to interject right now with, "um..not true.." but with writing a blog comes a small amount of pressure. the pressure to entertain your readers so as to make them dedicated and loyal readers. if anything so that at the end of the day you can see how many page views you had for the day and measure your worth as a human being by it. ok not really...ok maybe a little...oh i dont know. i dont want this blog to turn into a boring, monotonous tale of my day starting with brushing my teeth in the morning to the repeated process at nite. no one wants to read that. so i try to only include things of semi-significance and more so that you, my reader, will be deceived into thinking im a very active, fun person...and not just someone who might just lazy around watching shows like the OC and one tree hill. crap. i do watch those shows...

moving on. im hoping that this blog can be more than that. a blog that occasionally has something of marginal depth and a tinge of utter profoundness. a blog that will sometimes just make you sit back after you read it and go, "hmmm." so with all of that said....here is my weekly american idol recap.

last nite the final four sang songs from the king. elvis, that is. i was a little apprehensive about elvis week but soon realized that you dont necessarily need to don a white suit, big hair, and a curled lip to sing elvis. and when you dont have these factors, the songs actually sound quite normal. so i enjoyed last nite. my ranking would go hot daught, my boy taylor hicks, elliott "you make me yawn" yamin, and mcpheeva. my vote to go home would be yamin although i would be a little sad..not because im a huge fan but because at this point they're all really good and it sucks for anyone to go home. if daught or hicks goes home i will be forever devastated.

so there you have it. i hope you realized the humor in paragraph 2. no, i do not think that talking about american idol is the least bit profound or deep.


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