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Monday, May 01, 2006

a book, a movie, and a band

some recommendations:

i just finished the da vinci code. that says a lot since i finish about 20% of the books that i start. i figured, 40 million other people read it so it must be good right? plus with all the controversy and what not going on and the movie about to come out...i had to see what all the hype was about. and..upon finishing the book, here are my thoughts. the da vinci code is a good read. its well-written, interesting, suspenseful, hard to put down, etc. another thing it is: fiction. that means its not true. thats all im going to say about that.

sat. nite i watched shopgirl. its a movie about a love triangle between characters played by claire danes, steve martin, and jason schwartzman. ill be honest, i could have done without the story between danes and martin bc he's just real old and it was kinda gross. however taking out that storyline would have made the movie about 30 minutes long leaving the scenes with danes and schwartzman. that almost would have been worth it. jason schwartzman makes the movie. if youre not familiar with jason you might know him as the lead actor in rushmore. also, the ex drummer for the band phantom planet most notably known as of late for their song "california," the O.C. theme song. anyways, i found myself laughing outloud many times from his performance. so if anything, see the movie because of him.

gnarls barkley. i dont know really how to describe him. his sound is completely different but i like it. you might have heard his song "crazy." it's great. i love it. check him out.


Blogger Tsh said...

I read "Shopgirl" but never saw the movie. I wanted to, and I think we may sometime this week. I loved loved loved Rushmore and thought that guy was hilarious. We shall see.

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