what do you get when you take a little girl from korea, adopt her at 5 months, and raise her in a white family?
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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

good for something

these roses were given to me by the ceo of the company. no, hes not in love with me or wanting to date me. hes old, married, and has kids my age. we officially "launched" our new shopping website yesterday that ive been working on and this was to congratulate my efforts. theyre sooo pretty and smell great. you can click here to check out the site and see the kinds of stuff i get to sell to people all day long. one disclaimer...i did not create the actual website...i just added all the stuff onto the already created template. im no fancy web designer - i wish! anyways...ive talked about the site for long enough and wanted to prove that it was indeed real.

ACL update: guster, bob schneider, ben harper


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