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Thursday, May 18, 2006


the lineup is out! it went up around 6pm last nite. a day early but i guess they figured they might as well since it got leaked anyways. tickets will sell out quick - dont say i didnt warn you

elliott went home on idol. it was what i expected although i gotta say, i was quite sad and do NOT want mcphee to win. this is why...when they announced that elliott was going home they panned the cameras to shots of each of the contestants families. taylors family looked relieved that taylor was staying but also sad for elliott. elliotts mom and bro were obviously disappointed but remained composed. then mchpees parents...the mom is pumping her fists in the air in celebration. yeah, you might be excited that your daughter is continuing but have some DANG respect for elliott. you will have plenty of time to celebrate later - give this time to elliott. and its not like mcphee won by a landslide...she barely made it. and heres another thing..i think mcphee is a snoot and thinks shes better than she really is. elliott was incredibly humble the entire time and you could really tell that he was truly honored to be a part of the whole process. he deserved to be there. mcphee - i really hope you lose.

my birthday is in 6 days - woohoo!


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