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Monday, June 05, 2006

come back weekend, come back...

monday. back at work. wish it was friday.

the weekend was great. friday i saw the breakup which stars vince vaughn and jennifer aniston. i thought it was pretty entertaining. after talking to some other people who also saw it and had unfavorable reactions i realized that it might be hard to watch if you have undergone a bad breakup. i myself have been lucky enough to not have experienced that so i was able to separate myself from the story and not get emotionally involved. however the movie is quite realistic in how men and women can act under those circumstances and might be hard to watch without feeling like youre re-living it. so theres my disclaimer for ya.

i got my haircut and almost have some bangs. not completely bc that wouldnt be my desire but its a little shorter around my face than normal and kinda falls in my face...but i like it. and i love haircuts...i would go every week if i could. laid out on saturday - first time of the year and i got a little crispy. itll turn into a tan soon enough but right now it hurts a wee bit.

oh, so this is interesting. i like golf now. just on tv so far which is sooo weird. for 24 years of my life i couldnt understand why anyone would want to put themselves thru the absolute misery of watching golf on tv. but for the last few weeks i cant seem to pull myself away from the tv when its on. i honestly dont even have an explanation for myself either. but a few weeks ago i was watching it and couldnt stop...yesterday i watched for a good two hours. is this a sign of me getting old and boring? i even have a favorite player already. his name is adam scott. he's australian, 25, easy on the eyes, and he's goood.

the nba finals are about to begin. its miami heat against the dallas mavs. i love myself some d wade but i fear my dallas friends might disown me if i pull for miami. what to do..what to do...first game is thursday.

alright, back to work..


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