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Sunday, June 25, 2006

fun times with the bakers!

i had some weekend guests which is always fun. more people should come visit me in austin (hint, hint). anyways, jen and joe came in town on sat. for a wedding they were goin to on sunday. fun times all around. got some dinner at hula hut bc its pretty much required to me that you go there if youve never been. thats about it though. oh and joe is in a band thats gonna be huge someday. i cant disclose the name of the group yet, but just keep waiting and once they go public youll be the first to know.

so about jen and joe. i really enjoyed hanging out with them. theyre a great couple bc they dont make you feel like you're with a couple. when i hung out with them i felt like i was hanging out with jen and hanging out with joe, but not like i was hanging out with joe and jen, the couple. does that make any sense? i mean you can definitely tell that they genuinely care about each other but they also didnt have to be all over each other or mushy and i liked that. it was almost like they were really good friends and happened to be married too. that might have sounded insulting but i really mean it as a compliment. theyre the type of couple i want to be when im married. and i guess that comes from the fact that im real anti-mushiness, anti-pda, anti-super cheesy pet names. there might be a time and place for that but i dont think it should be around other people. but thats just me.

so i guess that was kinda random but its a change of pace from hearing about tv shows all the time right?


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