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Monday, June 19, 2006

a great 3 days

well the weekend started off right as you probably could have guessed from the previous post. the game was a lot of fun. im not even a huge astros and/or clemens fan but you couldnt help but be excited from all the energy of everyone else there. and then topping it off with seeing lance and matt - faaantastic! and some people dont see the appeal in matthew mcconaughey for some reason but man, even from 100 feet away...lots of appeal. so yeah...thanks again to casey for asking me to go with you!!!

saturday i watched some golf...because thats what i do now. saw some of the world cup action and got to witness the italian guy scoring our only goal of the game for us. um, thanks? sat nite i saw nacho libre - the nap. dynamite-esque comedy about mexican luchadores starring jack black. there were some mixed reviews but i thought it was hilarious. and maybe im just real easily entertained but i felt like i was almost laughing continuously. some great quotes, for sure.

last nite was game 5 of the nba finals. an important game for both teams and d wade's two final free throws in OT sealed the win for the heat. it was awesome. no, i am not mavs fan which i know is real hard for some people to grasp but whatever. so now the series comes back to texas for game 6 and either the heat need to just win one more or dallas needs both wins which is quite probable since the heat havent won any games in dallas all season. so we'll just have to see.

that's it for your weekend update.


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