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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


so today is the nba draft. kinda exciting although probably 1% if the people that read my blog share my enthusiasm. the top pick will probably either go to gonzaga's adam morrison, texas' lamarcus aldridge, uconns rudy gay, lsu's thomas or some italian dude. and although morrison has the dirty white guy moustache thing going on, he's kinda my favorite. maybe its the underdog appeal - looks wise, that is - he's a great basketball player. i did pick the zags to go all the way in my bracket though...halfway bc i just like saying 'gonzaga.' so anyways, the draft is tonite. last years was a little more exciting bc a&m's own antoine wright was in it and got drafted by the nets. didnt play a ton of minutes this year but there's always next year right? so yeah, the anticipation isnt quite as high for me although i will be excited to see who the sixers get with pick 13. hopefully someone that can help that dang team out...

something of more importance to me tonite though will be my love, pete yorn. he's making his tour through the US and has a little stop in austin tonite. i couldnt be more excited. he might be tied with ryan adams as my favorite so im just hoping he doesnt let me down. i doubt he will though. its an acoustic show and should be pretty sweet. if hes within five feet of me at any given part of the evening i might just ask him to marry me...ok i wont really...i dont wanna be that girl...but i will be thinking it in my head.

so i go to good ole chi-town in SIX days! wahoooo!


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