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Thursday, June 01, 2006


..you think you can dance...

this is a new found joy in my life. yes, this is a tv show. shocker, i know...me...talking about a new tv show. i really do other things besides watch tv, i promise.

but anyways...i had heard of the show but didnt know what i was missing out on. i think this is only the second season. think american idol except with dancing instead of singing. its just amazing. and by amazing i mean so incredibly bad sometimes you just dont know if its true. since its the beginning of the show, its all auditions and man, some of these people are real terrible. and i love it. some of them however, are incredible and i like watching that just as much.

so check it out if you have a chance...it was on last nite and is on again tonite for 2 hours so im not really sure when it actually comes on.


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