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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


evidently not just a hobby of mine. i was reading austinist.com and came across a blurb about some list that old spice comes out with stating the top 100 sweatiest cities. well its no shocker that 6 texas cities fall in the top 10. austin is 7 in case you were wondering. and really what is the point of such a list? we know its flippin hot and we know we sweat - why you gotta rub it in and make a list out of it? maybe old spice is hoping that this will bring some awakening to them texan men and then theyll go buy the deodorant? anyways...if you live in texas and youre outside then youre probably sweating. i think thats pretty much what it proved. genius.

we may be sweaty, but at least we're smart.

so about work. part of my everyday morning routine at work consists of going to the kitchen, nuking some water to create my delicious instant oatmeal and then getting a styrafoam cup of water. well...this afternoon i picked up my beloved styrafoam cup and proceeded to take a nice big gulp...looked down and saw my friend, the ant, swimming around. for all i know i swallowed his sister. did i get up and replace the water? surely..not. is that any indication of how lazy i am? i just continued to drink my water as mr ant kept swimming around.

as far as other 4 legged friends...wait...do ants have six..or 8? crap. anyways. outside my window this afternoon were some frolicking deer. i only saw the ma and baby today although in previous days ive seen other adults. but this baby deer is flippin cute. its probably 16 inches high or so...maybe about the same in length...looks a lot like this one in the
pic although thats not actually the one i see. and it runs around and i just wanna go outside and catch it and take it home! no, this wont ever happen for real. instead i will continue to enjoy bambi's fam outside my window. just another thing to keep me distracted from what im supposed to be doing. wait...what am i supposed to be doing again?


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