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Friday, June 16, 2006

the weekend hooray!!!!!!

oh what a sweet feeling to know that it's friday. im still wondering how i made it through this week that felt like a year. just one of those slow weeks and im so grateful that its over...well, almost.

the weekend should be good. tonite casey and i are going to the round rock event of the year - the express are playing with a special guest appearance from roger clemens. should be fun and theres fireworks at the end - you cant beat that.

sunday is my family birthday celebration...only a month late but whatever. we'll also be joining it with fathers day festivities. this is all of course if my family is all healthy which we've all learned is an incredibly challenging feat.

have you heard of last.fm? well its pretty cool. its kinda like yahoo shoutcast radio. one big and better difference is that you basically create your own radio station to listen to. you can put in a list of groups and artists you like and it will automatically generate a station for you. you can then choose whether you like or dislike the tracks and it will modify your station accordingly. if you click on the link to the right under my "listening to" sidebar you can actually see the last 10 tracks ive listened too. it has a lot of other features as well that im still discovering. anyways, its great for streaming at work.


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