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Thursday, June 15, 2006

you have got to watch this

ok if you arent watching 'so you think you can dance' on tv then you really should start. this show is great and there is NO way that you can watch it without being entertained. if you can then i might question what kind of person you are. i guess if you had absolutely no interest in dancing but i would hope thats not the case. anyways this show is done by the same people that did american idol and the setup is similar. 3 judges, america voting, people go home every week. one thing thats different is that america votes but then the bottom 3 couples go into this sudden death type of round and then the judges ultimately choose the loser. so america doesnt have total control.

reasons you should watch this show: well, for one, the dancers are just incredible. and what i find even more amazing is that they audition for the show and they generally have a specialty. some are ballet dancers, some hip hop, some jazz, etc. but then they get partners and are taught a dance in a specific genre for the week ranging from the mambo to 80s disco to hip hop (and yes, the hip hop routines are definitely my favorite). and sometimes the genre is completely opposite from what they're familiar with yet they come out and are absolutely amazing. and i guess thats what truly makes a good dancer - someone that can dance any given style thrown at them. anyways...my two favorite couples from last nite were benji/danielle and martha/travis. hopefully they wont be in the bottom three.

so the show is on wednesdays for two hours and then the hour results show is on thurs. as more and more people go home im sure it will go down to an hour and half hour. so check it out - you wont regret it!


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