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Monday, July 03, 2006

a few things

im going to chicago TOMORROW!! will be back saturday so you will probably be left blogless for about 5 days unless i have the time and desire to blog on some computer there. the time apart will be rough, i know...but you'll make it.

did i mention that im going to the american idol concert in september here in austin? yeah, a little embarrassing to admit however i actually am pretty excited. ill get to see my boy taylor hicks in person!

there is talk that my man AI is gonna be traded. im not sure how i feel about this. i love my sixers despite their inconsistency but also wouldnt mind seeing AI on a good team where he could make the playoffs and even win a championsip. after ten years in the nba i feel he deserves it. so we'll see...the highest likelihood at this point is that he'll go to boston...i could be ok with that.

so lets have a little chat about sunday afternoon naps. i think they are almost necessary in everyone's life. my love for them started in college i think. i was already sleep deprived 98% of the time and then getting up early for church on sunday just sealed the deal. after a big lunch after church my body was always looking forward to and ready for a nice sunday afternoon nap. well yesterday was sunday. and i was REAL tired. i had started losing sleep on wednesday nite and never really caught up. plus i met some people for breakfast at 9...not my meal date of choice but sometimes you make that sacrifice for friends. so around 1220 i went down for a nap. i woke up around....530. yep, thats right. 5 HOURS LATER. its really unbelievable if you ask me. does 5 hours even qualify as a nap? i dont know what i would call it instead but i dont think naps should ever be much over 2 hrs. so yeah, i woke up and after figuring out where i was and what day it was i immediately went to work out to try and redeem myself. i think it helped a little bit but man, 5 hours...

alright well thats about all i have. need to pretend to work for a bit and then go home and pack for my trip. everyone have a fun and safe 4th!! ill be back on sat with pics and hopefully some good stories.


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