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Monday, July 17, 2006

things i want and like

i want one of THESE. they are so sweet. i see them all over westlake, the area where i work, these days. but then again people in westlake buy new cars like women buy shoes - often, impulsively, and a lot of time with little rational thought. but nonetheless i think they're so cool looking and wouldn't mind owning one. if only they had existed when i got my cr-v....dont worry little honda, i still love you.

one of my fav tv shows, project runway has begun season 3! i havent yet picked out a favorite although there is a black guy that seems pretty cool and we all know im partial to black men ;) but seriously, this show is awesome and you will be blown away at what these designers can concoct in such a short amount of time. and heidi klum is pretty darn cute...i might just have a girl crush on her.

here's a cool idea i heard about from my friend TSH's blog. its this idea to have 2,996 bloggers each dedicate a post to one of the 2,996 victims from the 9/11 tragedy. go to this site, sign up and you'll be randomly assigned a person. you can then google search them and read about them on various memorial sites. then on 9/11/06 you post your own memorial of them. it's pretty powerful and kinda heart-wrenching to read about these people that are truly missed by friends, family, co-workers etc. even if you don't have a blog i encourage you to check out the site.


Blogger Tsh said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I am so glad Project Runway is back on. And I'm so glad they're doing it in the summer instead of waiting until the fall. How lame am I? And I agree with you, so far my favorite is Michael Knight (aka 'the black guy'), but then again, they've only made one garment so we'll see. But I thought his coffee filter dress was the best one and should have won. And so far, the only person that drives me nuts is that Malan guy - aka Austin Powers. What is with that laugh? I expect him to go into a "yeah baby!". Freaky. But yeah - love love LOVE Project Runway! Yahoo!

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