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Thursday, July 27, 2006

what's in a name?

a while ago i was at dinner and we started talking about nicknames. i learned that it's not really normal to have as many as i do. i think it's more common for people to call me something that's not actually my real name though. the most well-known one currently is probably asian kate. however, i've answered to many, many other things over time. my full name is katherine marie mccoy but i have only been called that in its entire length by my parents when im in real big trouble. but from that name has come many other variations. throw in the fact that im asian and you got yourself endless possibilities. let's see how many i can remember...
katie - my name up until about 7th/8th grade..then came the inevitable switch to kate
katiebird, sissy, punkin, babe - the family nicknames
kt(2), goody good, flea, mccoy - nicknames thru highschool
and then the college nicknames. this is where it gets a little outta control.
asian kate, asian, kath, kathy, kather, katums, katorade, best friend katie, kate katie, katie marie, button.

thats all i can think of now...i probably left out a couple here and there but that gives you a good idea. can anyone top that?


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