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Thursday, August 10, 2006

blogging drought

just to warn you..i probably won't be blogging for about a week. im leaving early sat morning for disneyworld, or as my friend ck likes to call it - disney universe. i imagine i will be too busy eating meals with disney characters and riding 'it's a small world' to sit down at a computer and blog. and i will be going there via plane. as you've probably heard by now, there were some terrorist attacks that were stopped today involving international flights from europe to the US. now, i dont really see terrorists planning an attack involving planes going to orlando, fl from austin but let's just say a little prayer in case.

anyways...the end of the week is here which means that im supposed to be packed up and kinda ready for my move next week. i can honestly say that ive made pretty decent progress. im even going to take tomorrow off to finish up. yeah, dont be jealous - my day off will be spent running countless errands, packing for disney, laundry, oil change, and packing my apt. i'd almost rather be at work. but hopefully i can get a lot done so that when i return next week i wont want to pull all my hair out. my reward for all my hard work tomorrow will be seeing the new movie, step up. yeah you know the one. hip hop dancer meets ballerina...they fall in love..the whole schpiel. all the while infused with a cheesy plot and terrible acting but the great dance scenes always make up for it in my mind. oh and did i mention im kinda in love with the lead guy, channing tatum? maybe thats some incentive too.

alright, well, try to make it without me for a bit...im sure you'll do just fine.


Anonymous hannah said...

kate, come baaaack. blogging drought not fun. but hope you're having fun! :)

7:33 PM  

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