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Friday, August 04, 2006

friday schtuffff

my love, allen iverson, will remain a sixer for next season. there was big talk that he was gonna be traded but in the end he remains a sixer for now.

disneyworld = t minus 8 days. moving = t minus 16 days. both equally exciting.

one of my new roommates is asian and on wed. nite we were asked what i see as inevitably being a popular question once we live together and are a lot of places together: "so, are y'all sisters?" to which i replied, "no, we're just both asian." honestly, we look nothing alike apart from the fact that we're asian. however ive heard the statement "all asians look alike" a time or two or fifteen. so i guess i should just get used to people asking us that...and start thinking of creative ways to answer...once it gets old maybe we'll just start saying yes and come up with some huge fabricated story of how we were separated at birth and then reunited and stuff. yeah...

my friend ck and i have both have this ability to eat the same thing for days on end. we both usually bring our lunch to work and it's not uncommon for us to have made something that weekend and to eat it for the whole next week. we'll ive outdone her this time. minus an occasional lunch out, i've literally had the same lunch consisting of a turkey/swiss/sourdough bread/honey mustard sandwich, baked cheetos, and a fruit cup for FIVE WEEKS in a row. honestly i don't even know how it's not old to me yet. i imagine one day i'll break and won't be able to eat that sandwich combo for the rest of my life. but for now...it sure makes grocery shopping a lot easier.

that's all i got. have a super duper stupendous weekend.


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